"Our gifts here at Union Baptist Church flow so bountifully and favorably that we must not become complacent with where we are. Instead, we must be vigilant in our works toward the vision he has sent for us to carry out."
                                                                                                                                                      Pastor Mack

Music and Fine Arts

The Music and Fine Arts Department encompasses a mixture of the arts to foster the worship experience. If you would like to join one of the following auxiliaries, please contact

Choir and Praise Team

Our Choir and Praise Team auxiliaries serve to edify God and to lead the congregation into the presence of God through song and praise.

- A.H. McDaniel
- B.F. Daniels
- College Choir
- Della Johnson Spiritual Choir
- Praise Team
- Senior Choir
- New Generation Choir
- Union Knights
- Youth Community Choir
- Brother Phi Brother Choir

Liturgical Dance

Praise Dancers minister through dance during worship services and programs. Dance has been used and continues to be used in celebration, praise, and spiritual warfare. Dance ministries include:

Favor: A group of young ladies from 11 - 18 years of age. Just as David danced and praised God, the members of FAVOR hope that others see them as imitators of that awesome praise. They pray that their ministry will draw others to Christ and that young people will want to join them in giving glory to God through dance.

God’s Anointed Praisers (GAP): A group of young ladies from 4 to 10 years old that dance for the Lord. This ministry allows young ladies to express their love for God. Their hope is that someone will be touched by God through their dance ministry.

Women of Worship (WOW): A group of women that believe in “giving God the praise.” Their primary goal is to usher in the presence of the Lord through worship and dance. The scripture that most identifies their purpose is “If a man therefore purge himself from thee, he shall be a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meat for the Master’s use that is prepared for every good work” II Timothy 2:21.

Golden Angels: A group of seasoned women who believe that God is not through with them yet! Praise is what they do through dance. For them, dance is a relationship with God.

Drama Guild

The Drama Guild's hope is to be used as vessels for Christ through inspirational productions so that souls will be saved, hearts will be mended, and individuals will be delivered and set free. (Youth & Adults)

Mime Troupe

God’s Unspoken Word in Motion (Youth Mime) is a group of youth from ten to eighteen that mime for the Glory of God. Their mission is to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the illustration of His unspoken word.

God’s Unspoken Word in Motion (Adult Mime) is a group of women and men that mime for the Glory of God. Their vision in ministry is to lead the people into the Presence of Royalty where there is Salvation, Deliverance, Healing, Joy and Power.


Step Team

Soldiers 4 Christ Step Team- Comprised of young males between the ages of eight and eighteen years old. The purpose of the step team is to “exalt the Lord with feet, hands, and voices.” 


The Band and UBC Jazz Ensemble

Committed to praising the Lord with the instruments as stated in the book of Psalms.



cdNote: The song playing on this page, "Magnify The Lord" was recorded by the Union Baptist Church Mass Choir on their CD, "Going On With Jesus Anyhow." The CD is available for purchase. Please contact our Resource Bookstore to place an order or call 336-724-9305 x 222.

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